Rich with beauty and charm, the Broken Hill region is home to some of the most breath-takingly beautiful natural attractions in New South Wales. Come along with us, as we showcase 5 natural attractions in and around the Broken Hill area that are absolutely unmissable. 

The Living Desert and Sculptures

The Living Desert and Sculptures 

First up on our list, Broken Hill’s well-renowned Living Desert & Sculptures. Nestled amongst the Barrier Ranges, this natural attraction is a must-see during your visit to Broken Hill. 12km’s from the town centre you’ll find the 2,400ha reserve filled with 12 astonishingly unique sandstone sculptures.

The Living Desert was pioneered by Broken Hill’s City Council, in an attempt to protect native flora and fauna, and maintain the health and sustainability of local ecosystems. The sculptures themselves were created in 1993, by a group of artists from all corners of the world. Since then, the sculptures have been a monumental representation of Broken Hill’s nature, culture, and art. 

For an elevated experience of the Living Desert and Sculptures, be sure to check them out at sunrise or sunset. The movement of orange and red tones along the sculptures and vast landscape is a celebration of Broken Hill’s sublime environment.  

Allow two-three hours to enjoy a leisurely time at the Living Desert and Sculptures. 

Perry Sandhills. Photo Credit: Destination NSW

Perry Sandhills

For a more grounding experience, check out the Perry Sandhills. Its boundless natural beauty will excite and entice you to explore the expansive landscape. Dense with shades of blonde sand, the dunes create mesmerising textures and lines. Untouched and unbothered, Perry Sandhills are a great destination for the whole family to have fun. 

Nuzzled near the Murray and Darling river junction, the Perry Sandhills are a mere 6km drive from the town of Wentworth. Rich with Indigenous culture, it is believed that Aboriginal tribes used the area to camp, hunt, and live off. Visiting the Perry Sandhills will provide you with natural beauty, Aboriginal history, and a unique adventure all at once. 

→ Visit the Perry Sandhills travelling inbound or outbound of Broken Hill. 

Mutawintji National Park. Photo Credit: Destination NSW

Mutawintji National Park 

Third on the list you’ll find Mutawintji National Park. Break out of Broken Hill, to explore where outback meets wilderness. The ancient landscape provides an immersive experience of Aboriginal history and culture, as well as iconic Australian bush. 

Enjoy bushwalks, scenic hikes, and camping opportunities throughout the beautifully rugged Mutawintji desert. If you're a bush-walking beginner, try the Thaaklatjika Mingkana walking track for an easier option. If you have a little more experience under your belt, Rockholes Loop and Mutawintji Gorge walking tracks are for you. Discover native flora and fauna along the way, and appreciate the hand-stencilled art from local Aboriginal communities.

Abundant with historical culture sites, Mutawintji National Park is certainly an unmissable stop on your trip to Broken Hill and the outback. 

→ Spend a night at Homestead Creek campground for ease of travel to and from Mutawintji National Park.

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Mungo National Park 

Next up on our list, Mungo National Park. Filled with opportunities of leisure, recreation, and cultural immersion, Mungo National Park is truly an unmissable natural attraction. Home to the famous Mungo lady and Mungo man, the park is rich with Indigenous Australian history and culture. 

Scientists have discovered ancient Indigenous artefacts in Mungo that date back to approximately 50,000 years ago. Making Mungo one of the oldest areas outside of Africa to have been occupied by modern-day humans since ancient times. 

Mungo National Park is not only a beautiful spot for adventure, but an opportunity to immerse yourself in one of the most significant heritage sites in Australia.

→ Camp for a night or two at Mungo National Park campground to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Mundi Mundi Lookout. Photo Credit: Destination NSW

Mundi Mundi Lookout

Lucky last on our list of unmissable natural attractions, Mundi Mundi lookout. Filled with rolling plains, Mundi Mundi is the perfect spot for a picnic, sunset gaze, or wildlife viewing. If you’re lucky, you’ll be greeted by kangaroos, wallabies, emus, and wedgetail eagles. 

As you explore Mundi Mundi, it’s easy to see why the spectacular landscape has been featured in movies such as Mad Max 2, and Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Thus, making it a fun attraction for any film-fanatic. Just a five minute drive south of Silverton, Mundi Mundi is a truly unique outback experience. 

The perfect spot to snap a photo at the 'edge of the world'.

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