Where Natural Wonders Abound

Journey to the oldest European settlement in western NSW to discover ancient, breathtaking lakes and myriad natural wonders.

Kinchega National Park. Photo Credit: Destination NSW

A Stop for Explorers Past and Present

The first township to be established along the Darling River, Menindee’s history spans back over 35,000 years with its traditional inhabitants, the Barkindji people.

In colonial times, the township became an important inland port and a historic stopover for the Burke & Wills expedition. Be sure to stop in at Maidens Hotel, the second oldest hotel in Australia, whose patrons include the aforementioned explorers more than 150 years ago. Perhaps Menindee’s most important feature however is its incredibly picturesque lake system. The Menindee Lakes, when full, provide some of the most spectacular scenery in the outback, a literal oasis in the desert. With the right conditions, a mirror-like surface will present you with some of the greatest photo opportunities you’ll ever come across.





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