The Cultural Capital of the Outback

Discover a city where art galleries outnumber pubs, where a rich history lives on in daily life, where self-expression is celebrated like nowhere else. Discover Broken Hill.

Line of Lode Memorial. Photo Credit: Destination NSW

Welcome to the Silver City

The shining gem of the outback, Broken Hill is the beating heart of industry, culture and art in Australia’s red centre.

Its rich mining history has shaped this city for more than a hundred years, but when you’re here, you can feel Broken Hill’s history still being written today. The thriving arts scene in the city is spearheaded by creatives with a love for outback scenery and native flora and fauna, all of whom are putting their own spin on depicting outback life. Coupled with a burgeoning film industry and the warm, welcoming aura of the city’s locals, it becomes clear that Broken Hill is not just a bastion of Australian history, but a bustling city where adventure lies around every corner.




Broken Hill

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