Bells Milk Bar

Take a trip back to the 1950s at Bells Milk Bar, where you can grab an old-style malted milk or a soda spider and soak up some seriously nostalgic vibes.

Admire the original fittings and furniture, dig the 1950s music and read a 1956 magazine – the year that Bells Milk Bar, established in 1892 as a confectioner, was renovated by owner Les Bell with its fabulous Jetsons-style looks.

Bells holds a special place in the heart of many a Broken Hill resident. People used to queue down the street for a drink on a Sunday afternoon, it was home to the town’s first TV set, and the site of many a first date.

Choose from more than 50 original flavours or drinks, all made using Bells syrups and cordials to Les Bell’s secret recipes, and check out the Milk Bar Museum, where you can learn not just about the history of Bells, but Australia’s milk bar heritage in general.
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