Trappers Dugout Accommodation

Trapper’s Dugout is a charming underground abode welcoming of the whole family, including pets. With magnificent outback sunrise views and a comfortable temperature all year round, this quaint accommodation caters for all travellers and guests no matter what season you visit.

The dugout has rooms to suit singles & families. All linen is provided.

We offer a children and pet friendly family room with a comfy couch, TV, books and board games galore. The dugout also hosts an adult’s space with a well stocked library.

The fully equipped kitchen is self-contained, with appliances and the ever-so-essential coffee machine available to ensure you feel at home in our underground abode.

We have two full shared bathrooms available, including a bathtub and laundry facilities.
The outdoor space features a little desert oasis with a sunrise viewing area, and a stone table for your outdoor picnics where a gas BBQ is also available.

Trappers boasts magnificent outback panoramic views topped off with a stunning, uninterrupted sunrise. This is one of the first dugouts to be kissed by the first rays of the day.

The dugout includes an in-house mine where you can have a tour of our historical mine area.

This original mining area will give visitors a first-hand experience of just how hard mining, and existing on these fields was in the early days.
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