White Cliffs Self Contained Cabin Accommodation

White Cliffs Self Contained Cabin Accommodation offers two conveniently located two-bedroom cabins right in the centre of town, a short walk from the local General Store and the Pub. Both cabins have two-bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, outdoor barbeque, fridge, microwave, lounge and dining rooms, bathroom with shower.

The Taylor Family run Glen Hope Station which surrounds White Cliffs. Honor owns and operates the local General Store while Rick is out managing the Station each day. With three children, all in school they love their community of White Cliffs. Also offering a Stationstay at Glen Hope. While this keeps them pretty busy, they love sharing these places with their guests.

White Cliffs offers a wide range of Tourist Attractions, including a Bus Tour, Mine Tour, Underground House Tour, Opal Showrooms, Local Watering Hole (Pub) and a short distance to Paroo Darling National Park.
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