Packsaddle Roadhouse

The forerunner to the Packsaddle Roadhouse was the Packsaddle Hotel. Built in 1887 by Alex Scott, it was ideally located on a stock route between Queensland and South Australia to service stockmen, shearers as well as the mail coach to the Albert Goldfields. In 1898 the hotel was destroyed by fire.

The Packsaddle Roadhouse was established in 1958 by Bill Vickers on a site that was originally part of Packsaddle Station. The business has evolved into the well-known and much loved roadhouse that it is today.

Located half way between Broken Hill and Tibooburra on the Silver City Highway, apart from an all-day menu and liquor licence, the roadhouse provides a clean, comfortable atmosphere with some old shearing memorabilia in the woodshed dining area with a big open fire place. If you are tired and need a break, stay in the air-conditioned rooms or stay at the powered camp area. Free unpowered camping available.
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