Broken Hill Mining Museum and White's Mineral Art Gallery

Broken Hill Mining Museum is a simulated mine constructed using period correct mining timber, and has numerous mining implements and dioramas showing mining operations, one gets the sensation of underground without going under.

The museum also features mineral art works done by famous Broken Hill artist Kevin "bushy" White, depicting mining scenes and Broken Hill Buildings, seating is available for groups as the experienced guide describes the history of Mining in Broken Hill.

The museum also include Betty Whites Doll collection which has over 1,000 dolls on display in a joining room.

The museum has just recently reopened after the passing of Kevin and is currently being managed by Experienced Tour Guide with mining experience

Your host Larry Angell, is a veteran of the local mining industry, and and is an experienced Tour Guide having worked for many years in the tourist industry. Visitors are given a personal guided tour of the museum showing the development of the mining history of Broken Hill.
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