Royal Flying Doctor Outback Heritage Experience, Broken Hill

Go behind the scenes and discover what it takes to save lives in the outback at the Royal Flying Doctor Outback Heritage Experience. Located in the Bruce Langford Visitors’ Centre – in a working Royal Flying Doctor Service base next to Broken Hill airport – the experience offers the opportunity to learn about the heroic history and current-day operations of a service that has been coming to the aid of remote-living Australians since 1928.

Today there are 23 Royal Flying Doctor bases across the nation. Here at Broken Hill, doctors, nurses, engineers and pilots work with three Beechcraft King aircraft and are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You can walk through the hangar, discover stories from the service’s past in an interactive museum, and see the operation controls room in real-life action, as the flying doctors deliver urgent care across this vast continent. The Broken Hill base alone covers 640,000 square kilometres of outback.
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