Sulphide Street Railway and Historical Museum

For an idea of how Broken Hill – and all it produced from its mines – connected to the wider world, head to the Sulphide Street Railway & Historical Museum.

From 1888, the Silverton Tramway system took ore from the mines to the border with South Australia (from where it would go on to Port Pirie). It stopped running in 1970, but lives on at this fascinating museum, housed in the city’s original 1905 station.

Here you can hop aboard old trains and discover all sorts of memorabilia that will give you an insight into how the tramway system operated for nearly a hundred years, as it transported loads of silver, lead and zinc out of town, destined for ports all over the planet.

The Sulphide Street Railway & Historical Museum is more than just railways, though: it’s also the site of four other equally fascinating museums that together paint an indelible picture of the life and times of Silver City.

The Broken Hill Migrant Museum, the Hospital Museum, the Ron Carter Transport Pavilion and the Tess Alfonsi Mineral Collection, along with the Johns Brothers Joyland funfair, are all onsite.
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